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As one of the main players in the SMS market in Malaysia, there are few items we should keep in mind before sending bulk SMS:

Can we use Alphanumeric sender ID in Malaysia?

  • Alpha Sender ID does not exist in Malaysia. All Sender will be converted into short code to ensure delivery.

Is the DR Reliable?

  • Delivery reports are network receipts and not handset DR.

Is concatenated SMS supported in Malaysia?

  • DiGi does not support concatenated long messages. Long messages will be split into parts and we cannot guarantee arrival sequence.
  • All other main telco in Malaysia can support concatenated long messages.

Any other special features that I should be aware of?

  • Please take note that all traffic will be appended with "RM0.00 " or "RM0 " at the beginning of the SMS so that end-users know that they will not be charged for this message.
  • Funny characters like ¡¤§¿ÄÅÆÇÉÑÖØÜßàäåæèéìñòöøùüΓΔΘΛΞΠΣΦΨΩ are not allowed. Kindly test before sending.
  • Malaysia is one of the country that has heavy filtering and monitoring on A2P SMS. Any fraudulent SMS found will be penalized, so please ensure all content are legitimate.
  • All Gambling, Political, Adult Contents are strictly prohibited.
  • BRAND NAME must be included in the message content while sending.

Please be informed that Malaysian operators have tightened the rules and penalties on content handling as below:- 

Content Handling






SMS Brand

• Compulsory to include recognised brand/company/identity name in the message content to ensure proper delivery and avoid retroactive billing.

• SMS with no brand may be considered as International traffic and charged at higher rate. 

• Penalties (which are imposed by the operator) will be applied to each message deemed to have not complied with the regulations, in addition to the cost of each message.




International Brand Traffic

• International brand traffic are strictly not allowed. Each SMS sent in contravention of this prohibition will be charged at higher rates.

• Penalties (which are imposed by the operator) will be charged in the case of continuous contravention of this prohibition.




With this regard, kindly be advised that all SMS to the aforementioned networks must include company name/brand/identity in message content with immediate effect, or else penalties imposed by the operators will be passed on to respective parties. In addition to that, please be reminded that International traffic are not allowed through the 6-series short code solution. Please arrange accordingly to avoid any penalties for breaching of regulations. (List of International traffic is also attached in this article for your reference).

Please taken note that our route only supports for LOCAL MALAYSIA BRANDS. Shall you need to channel INTERNATIONAL BRAND SMS, kindly get in touch with us via Online Web Chat or email to [email protected] for a different arrangement.