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What is the fastest way to get started with Ginota?

You can start integrating Ginota’s voice and SMS capabilities into your application or web system in just a glimpse by following our steps below.

Before get started with our guide, create a Ginota Account with us now!

Send a SMS via Ginota SMS API

Sending a SMS via Ginota SMS API is easy and simple. The following basic items are what you need:

  • Your Ginota Account
  • Your preferred web browser
  • Your API Credentials (can be obtained from Dashboard > Messaging after login to Ginota portal)

Your API Credentials

Quick Test using Your Restful API URL

Once login to Ginota portal, navigate to Message, you can obtain a Restful API URL (Below your API credentials):

Your Restful API URL

This is a sample Ginota SMS API request which sends a SMS with the contents of “Hello Ginota” and sender id as “MyCompany” to your registered mobile number with us.
To perform a quick test with Ginota SMS API, you may copy and paste your Restful API URL into the address box of your preferred browser and navigate. Once navigate, you should receive a SMS in seconds.

Form Your Own Ginota SMS API Request

You may create your own Ginota SMS API Request with all the items required.

  • Firstly, copy your Restful API URL into the address box of your browser:<Sender_ID>&dstAddr=<Destination_Number>&content=<Message_Content>

Once the Restful API URL is formed with your API credentials appended, you may start replacing the following parameters:

  • Replace <Sender_ID> with your preferred sender id. It allows up to 21 alphanumeric characters.
  • Replace <Destination_Number> with any valid mobile number of your friends or family. The mobile number must be in international format which should be prefixed with country code, excluding spaces or leading zeros or plus (+) sign.
    dstAddr=6591234567, where 65 is country code of Singapore
  • Replace <Message_Content> with your message body. The message body must be URL-encoded. You may make use of this online URL encoder by providing your message body accordingly and click encode. Copy the encoded value and replace <Message_Content>:
URL Encoded Sample Language Expected Text Received
content=Greetings+from+Ginota! English Greetings from Ginota!
content=%e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87%e4%bf%a1%e6%81%af Chinese 中文信息
content=%e3%81%93%e3%82%93%e3%81%ab%e3%81%a1%e3%81%af Japanese こんにちは

This is how a standard Ginota SMS API request shall looks like:!

Lastly, simply copy and paste this URL on to your browser and navigate there to send it out. The recipient should receive a SMS immediately!

Learn more

We are working hard to make it easier for developers to create simple and reliable communication (voice and SMS) used for their applications. Check out the following resources to enjoy all the capabilities of Ginota:

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